Superannuation can be seen as a daunting and complex area by some, however superannuation can be explained quite simply. Superannuation is simply money that is locked away until retirement, to be used during retirement.

Your superannuation can be invested in many ways from Cash, to Fixed Interest, to Australian Shares, to International Shares, to Property, and in any combination. Our professional Advisers are available to develop an investment combination that is specifically tailored for you and your objectives.

If your superannuation is performing well or poorly, this is due to the investments held within your superannuation fund. If your superannuation is invested in Australian Shares, your superannuation balance will rise and fall with the Australian share market. If you invest in cash, your account balance growth will be minimal slowly with the interest that is being accumulated, however is quite effective in preventing large balance fluctuations influenced by the economy.

Superannuation is a very popular investment platform due to the fact that it is very tax effective. Funds deposited into the account and investment earnings within the account are taxed at a maximum tax rate of 15%.