Aged Care

Finding the best way to pay for your aged care needs can be overwhelming.   Careful consideration needs to be made with respect to moving out of the family home, not to mention the financial consequences around making this transition.

Organising residency in an Aged Care Home is just the beginning. Further consideration needs to be taken regarding payment of the initial & ongoing fees, whether or not to sell the family home,  pension entitlements and so on.

At Prospa Financial, we use our depth of knowledge and experience of the Aged Care System to individually tailor a personal financial strategy to your specific situation.

We assist in determining your Aged Care options, optimising pension entitlements and reducing aged care fees, while also structuring your finances so that Aged Care costs are affordable and the ongoing payments are manageable over the long term.

When making the move into Aged Care it is vital to ensure your wealth remains safe and secure, which we endeavor to help with every step of the way.

Our services allow you peace of mind knowing that we are able to simplify what can be a complex and daunting task.  Along with our financial advice we explain the structure of Aged Care in simple terms, the levels of service that are available & what they include, the costs involved, organising & submitting all of the paperwork on your behalf, along with ongoing support throughout this transition.

Miki Petrovic is our in-house Aged Care Accredited Specialist.